Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 3: Push past the negativity



So I am a little behind with these posts but Insha'Allah I hope that they are benefiting you.
We reach ramadan in a state of low eeman levels and bearing the burden of numerous sins. This is bound to effect us negatively. We question whether we can recite more Quran then we are usually used to, we ponder upon the chances we will make it Qiyaam and Taraweeh after a heavy iftaar meal.
And when we set ourselves up for more worship, one day where we cant achieve our desired act of worship: there starts a downward spiral. The spiral of negativity coupled with hopelessness and anger and getting upset.
Don't let it get to you just push past that moment where you feel like a failure , continue to focus on the goals you have for yourself this Ramadan. If you couldn't pray Qiyaam and recite Quran at night , there is also time for a short two raka'ahs before Suhoor Insha'Allah. All you have to do is keep trying to clock into those times where you know that there is great importance of a certain act of worship like reciting Quran at fajr time because the angels witness your recitation or making lots of dua close to the time of iftaar and of course keeping the tongue moist with the rememberance of Allah, coupled with lots of astaghfar.
Remember that negative emotions will pass but for that to happen you need to stay busy and keep trying to please Allah . But don't wait around for the feelings to subside chances are that with the hunger pangs and lack of activity you will slump into a worse mood .
Insha'Allah I will share some ahadith related to this with you , stay tuned :)

Any good in this post is from Allah swt and mistakes are from me and Shaitan.

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