Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ramadan Reflections: Some of my favorite Ahadith related to Ramadan



Insha'Allah , today I will be sharing some eeman boosters related to Ramadan. Not so much my own reflection but something that keeps me going Alhamdulillah when I feel like, lets give it a rest :

The benefits of praying Qiyaam (night prayer)

Prophet (pbuh) said, “Whoever prays qiyaam in Ramadaan, out of eemaan and ihtisaab(hoping for Allah's reward), will be forgiven all his previous sins.”(Sahih Bukhari)

Regarding qiyaam in Ramadan in jamaa’ah, the Prophet (pbuh) said, “If one prays with the Imaam until he leaves, it will be recorded that as though he prayed the (full) night.”


Here I would like to point out that even going for Taraweeh counts as Qiyaam and you don't have to sleep to pray Qiyaam you can pray anytime after Isha when you are awake till fajr time, Insha'Allah.

Competing for good deeds in Ramadan

‘Ubaadah ibn as-Saamit narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Ramadan has arrived to you, a month of barakah (blessings). Allaah envelops you (with His mercy and blessings), so He descends His mercy, erases the sins, answers the du’aas, and He watches in (this month) your competition / race for goodness, and He boasts to His angels about you. So let Allaah see the best from you, for truly, the miserable one is the one who is prevented Allaah’s mercy.” (Tabaraanee, saheeh)

Tip: as the days of Ramadan progress you may find that you zeal to do good deeds and maintain a healthy Iftaar routine wanes , try to remind yourself that this is your test and you need to pass more then anything else you need right now. Print your favorite Ahadith somewhere or refer to them regularly so you can go into each day more motivated to do good and avoid evil . Insha'Allah 

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