Friday, July 12, 2013

Ramadan Reflections : Day 2 - Ebb and Flow


Bismillah ,

I think we tend to give Ramadan a sort of cultural significance but that isn't true for all of us. I think that Ramadan teaches us how we should be living : we should living the knowledge that Allah swt is always Watchful over us. If we were to cultivate that feeling inside us how different would our lives be. So many bad habits would be eliminated from our systems, so many arguments would be over before they even started.
But what does Ramadan really mean to us? Well quite honestly up until that point where one does not take pains to understand its significance and beauty , it is used as an excuse. Its an excuse to be unproductive, grumpy and lazy. Why? Because I am fasting, of course.
When really Ramadan should be an excuse to try and cultivate more good habits, push harder to be a better person. Do you think Allah swt understands that when we fast our energy levels will eventually get low and we would end up with parched lips and the dreaded empty growling stomach? Allah also tells us in the Qur'an that he wants ease for us not difficulty.
So, with that in mind lets try and be wise about how we utilize our energy and let the most of our efforts go towards worshiping and pleasing Allah. When Ramadan comes , life will not stop. You won't climb into some whole where no one and nothing bothers you and you read Qur'an all day. Issues will arise and you may feel low but don't make all this an excuse. Try and push past these feelings and look at the bigger picture.But with that being said, one should still try to lessen the worldly commitments so there is more time for worship.
May Allah swt allow us to take the maximum benefit out of this month. Ameen
Any good in this post is from Allah swt and mistakes are from me and Shaitan 

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