Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fear Allah

You can't tell me that you have never faced a difficult situation in your life. You can't tell me that there wasn't anything in your life, no matter how long you have lived, that really knocked the wind out of you. Made you fall and get hurt. There must have been something, we've all had that something . 
In this life many a times we are faced with trails and test custom made for us and that's the beauty of it. What might be difficult for me might not be difficult for you and vice versa. So, don't go comparing yourself to someone who isn't you, never was you and will never be you. We live in a world where there is constant comparison of who has more and who has less. Whose got the shiny Mercedes and who still drives to work in the 1999 model of Mazda. And this comparison is not healthy . It's just another unhealthy distraction meant to make us feel inferior and worse about ourselves it makes us ungrateful. To the point that our whole priorities in life change . 
So , when problems come and they are meant for us. They aren't meant to crush us or break us they are meant to fix us , turn us back to Allah and they are blessed moments because you will never ever have that clarity in your head regarding what Allah means to you in your life. How much He loves you, even when you feel so unloved and so hurt , He loves you and don't kid yourself into thinking that its the kind of love that we human beings shower upon one another , it's not , it never can be. Because He is Allah, our belief in Him teaches us that none of our attributes or personality traits will ever come close to His Attributes. He cares for you and you can turn around and say if you care so much why am I hurting so badly or you can submit and do the best you can through du'a and constant good deeds. Your hurt is not without reason its meant to fix whatever deficit there is in you . It could be something emotional or spiritual, accept it and move forward the best way you can . And one day you will see why all that time you were hurting so badly , which by the way you will not even remember fully, was meant to happen and how you're better because of it. 
Each painful experience is an expiation for our sins and it is out His Mercy it is like that. It could just have been raw pain but its not its not without purpose. So, let go of the past its a choice you must make or you can stay stuck there curse everyone and everything but in the end your negative feelings will only ruin you and when you come out of that trans of hurt and pain the world wouldn't have stopped turning and your life will not have come to a standstill , it would just be you punishing yourself for things out of your control. 
Let's say you don't decide punish yourself you don't punish someone else either and you look for a solution . I'd tell you fear Allah as you search high and low for a way out . Because as you search many people will share your journey but you will find that they got what they wanted in an instant . while you're solution is nowhere in sight. They adopted unfair means, they might have even let go of a few principals along the way especially those with regards to their deen . You might hear a voice saying "you're the stupid one! Let go of these principals and search away don't bother if its right or wrong" And you'd be lying if you say you aren't tempted. But remember Allah's Promise :

"...And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to him, He will make a way out for him to get out ( from every difficulty)"
(At-Talaq :2)

Fearing Allah and holding yourself accountable before you are held accountable may seem like the hardest thing . Being patient when the pain seems to make everything so much harder may not seem like the brightest idea.It can seem like whatever , but know that its the right thing. Because Allah Promised and nothing in this world beats that . Stay strong and carry on

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