Monday, January 13, 2014

Know What A Trail is Worth.

I never knew that a trail could be so beneficial for me. I never knew it could move me so much but it did. We are always told that trails come to those who Allah Loves and that He never gives us a burden we can't handle. For someone who doesn't like to put herself in difficult situations I never knew the  true meaning of these facts until recently. I guess the reason I am sharing this with you all today is because I hope that through my experience someone learns the importance of facing our fears and why as Muslims when we continuously dream and fawn over gardens in Jannah we should remember that to attain  those gardens we need to face our fears and brave difficulty as and when it comes, Insha'Allah.
When you plan to put yourself in a difficult situation the first thing that happens is that Shaitan reasons it out with you telling you that you survived this long not facing up to difficult situations you can go on for longer, possibly forever. Do not listen to him. He may in that moment of desperation appear as a so-called "voice of reason" or a "well-wisher" but he is anything but that. He does not want our well- being , he loathes any good progress we make in our lives.
Remind yourself repeatedly that good that your efforts will bring with Allah's Help and though it is not unreasonable to hope and pray for everything to turn exactly in your favor know that if your intention is to please Allah then you really have nothing to loose and that He is the Best of Planners for all our affairs.And even if you don't get what you hoped for know there is still reason enough to stay hopeful and whatever you received is good for you, its from Allah.
 Living in this day and age, where everything is available at the push of a button or a mere phone call we expect nothing less then instant gratification in all our affairs. We want our problems dealt with timely and with ease but we forget that in this life, there is no real ease. In fact we were created in difficulty so why do expect a life of perpetual ease?
It is unreasonable to expect that something as amazing, as eternal as Jannah can come with such relative ease. And that is reason we hold back from difficult situation our mind cannot accept the fact that something so good can be so difficult to achieve, I mean how can reasonable human beings, people who claim to love me unconditionally, turn against me when it comes to upholding the truth and doing what is right? New flash! That's dunya for you folks, sorry for the rude awakening but that is just how it is.
The sooner you accept this the easier it is to move forward in life and face challenges in life. Because even though you expect words to sting and actions to hurt you know at the other end is Allah's promise of His special help and mercy. You have to experience it know what it is,SubhanAllah.
To sum it up , its like even though your heart aches in the midst of a messed up situation you see a lot of good you see things from a perspective that keeps you sane , when everything and everyone threaten to fall apart.I can with certainty say, that if it had not been for all those trails for those seemingly easy things in life, I would not have as much respect and value in my heart for my Deen.
 Had it not been for the trails in my life I would have never learned that the reason that I hold back from standing up for what is right is because the truth upsets my loved ones but now I know that they can get as upset as they want and refuse to love me but no one will be more upset then Allah swt should I keep running away from doing the right thing, in the end only His Pleasure counts. I feel this was the one thing that really always bothered me and now that I had to face it , I think I grew thicker skin because of it Alhamdulillah.
If it hadn't been for trails I wouldn't realize the value of my life and why Islam is a true blessing that makes every trail worthwhile. To know that Allah helped me and I felt His help consciously is a true confidence and eeman booster it makes me want to do more that is not easily achievable.
I don't want all those reading this to think that it will get easy, there will be countless more times where I will find myself second guessing myself and stopping in my tracks but this experience that I had I will try harder to push past my fears and inhibitions insha'Allah.

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