Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ramadan Reflection: There is no going back



Alhamdulillah, many of us know that in Ramadan you have to be extra careful in terms of your bad habits especially those that displease Allah (swt) but I find that for some people the take on this "cautiousness" is that one avoids bad deeds from dawn till dusk just like food and then when iftaar time comes I can go back to being my old self for the few hours that I have prior to Suhoor time.
Can you identify with such a person? Obviously no one will say it out loud but a lot of us can. I want this Ramadan to be the one where I look back at my sins and say that ; "its over" . Ramadan was , is not and never will be that one month where you give up your bad habits out of cultural significance of this month or to identify yourself with the "fasting" crowd. You give up sins so that you train yourself to never ever ever go back on them Insha'Allah. It is for Allah's Pleasure. And no doubt He is the Most Appreciative of our efforts. 
But lets make these efforts such that they last throughout the year. One should not put a facade of piousness in this month and in the back of her mind be thinking a few more days till I can go back to listening to music. Do yourself a favor and start thinking of ending that destructive relationship you have with your sins. You may think it reaps rewards now when they make you feel elated and happy but remember that misery of facing Allah's Anger and Wrath is something you and I can never comprehend or be prepared to face. So, why should I act like an idiot and continue with my sins . I should take strides, small steps , baby steps or crawl towards giving up my sins and believe me no effort goes to waste when you are on the right track. Be a new you this Ramadan, don't leave this month thinking "what did I get out of it?" For there is no going back to your old ways if reaching Jannah means anything to you.

‘Ubaadah ibn as-Saamit narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) said, 
“Ramadan has arrived to you, a month of barakah (blessings). Allah envelops you (with His mercy and blessings), so He descends His mercy, erases the sins, answers the du’aas, and He watches in (this month) your competition / race for goodness, and He boasts to His angels about you. So let Allah see the best from you, for truly, the miserable one is the one who is prevented Allah’s mercy.” 

(Tabaraanee, saheeh)

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