Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pre - Ramadan Series : Part One - The state of our affairs

Assalamaualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

After a much needed break Alhamdulillah I am back! First of all I want to say Jazkumullah Khair to all my readers and especially those of you who wrote to me and showed support. It means alot :) Thank you.

Secondly, I am going to be doing a pre - Ramadan series , Insha'Allah whatever beneficial advice I can convey to you from what I learn I will try my best to share. In return I ask that you make dua for me and my family and that you pass on whatever you learnt by sharing my articles and in the case that you find some mistake in anything I wrote , please do notify me.


So Ramadan is almost here and although all our obligations envelop us as many of us don't prepare for this blessed month in advance other in stocking up the fridge and cupboards with more food. Despite all the negativity that we find around us there is that wonderful sense of anticipation for when Ramadan is about to come, it does make you happy in some form or the other.

We look at Ramadan as spiritual rejuvenation  month . Where we try to improve our ibaadah but recently I was reading this article and it hit me that Ramadan is something more then that. Allah gives us a chance to make resolutions and to keep at them during this month. And by Allah's mercy it is the time to develop alot of good habits that can be kept up for the rest of the year Insha'Allah.

But here is where the problem starts, although none of us would deny that we want to improve but we don't exactly reflect on ourselves enough to understand the problems that need fixing. Its easy to say that one doesn't recite Quran enough or that one misses out on the Sunnah nawafil before and after Fardh (obligatory) salah but lets dig a little deeper and try and identify more problems , problems that we donut like to think of but we know they exist and are harming us.

I think for us Muslims , problems in our lives are not isolated occurrences. That whilst you suffer in one aspect of you existence all the other parts of your life remain unaffected. To clarify this point lets consider an example: Suppose you are in the habit of indulging in somethings that Allah has forbidden for us. You try your best to maintain all your acts of worship. You pray , you fast and occasionally when the pocket allows you go to give sadaqah. But that bad habit is a big part of your life. You even know that its wrong and not permissible , the guilt of it eats you up from the inside but still you continue to indulge and feel regret later. Its a vicious cycle. 
Now on the outside you seem to be a practicing Muslim but on the inside one cannot deny you feel empty at times. You stand on the prayer mat thinking "why do I still bother?" and "what should I pray for? I know ill just go back to my old ways then minute I end this prayer" So what you thought was an "isolated"bad habit. It really isn't . It effects your eeman and your heart badly. It deprives you of your spiritual and emotional well being . You worship seems to be little more then a ritual that you mechanically go through and struggle to maintain.
So, before this Ramadan begins deep in deep and reflect on your problems in the comfort of your free time. And truly think what you would like to change, where does the problem lie? It may seem impossible but remember for Allah all things are possible. If you can manage to keep away from your bad habits for 30 days you can surely do it for the rest of the year, Insha'Allah. So , take a pen and paper and write down those bad habits, this is for your own self you don't have to share it with anyone . 

Stay tuned for the next part Insha'Allah :) 

Any good in this post is from Allah (swt) and any mistakes are from me and Shaitan the Accursed.


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  2. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I really like the idea of setting goals for Ramadan. Insha'Allah I will try and do that in order to overcome bad habits.

    1. Walikummusalam :)

      Insha'Allah, I plan to do that as well.
      May Allah help us overcome our bad habits. Ameen