Monday, July 8, 2013

Pre Ramadan Series: Part 3 : What is all the fuss about?


Bismillah ,

So, each Ramadan comes the Shayateen are locked up. We are showered with Allah's Mercy and Blessings . But what is this month really about? Is it just about giving up food, drink and fulfillment of our desires from dawn to dusk? For shedding a few extra pounds? So we can catch up on our sleep with the low energy levels? So we can fight over petty issues and give the excuse that I am fasting?
No, its none of those things. But every Ramadan it does seem like it is about those things that I mentioned. I know for some of my readers Ramadan may have officially started but for others it hasn't. Either way lets remind ourselves again that fasting is not just about giving up food and drink and our desires. It is also about giving up sins. The giving up of permissible things from dawn to dusk for 30 days is supposed to be mental exercise to teach us and empower us that just as in the same way we can give up food and drink for Allah's sake even with all the means available to quench or hunger and thirst available within our reach. It teaches us that in this very same manner we can practice to give up sins too even with all the means available to do them. 
You may be thinking why I used the word "empower" because if you really look at it. The month of  Ramadan is the month where Allah swt is allowing us to empower ourselves, empower ourselves to give up our bad habits and come out on the other end as stronger Muslimeen, Insha'Allah. Shayateen are locked up so we are free from the added problem of having to deal with his recurrent whispers when we do the right thing. I know you will also experience that even with Shaitan behind bars you still feel inclined to sin and it really doesn't feel that different. Its true that during the rest of the year when when we lend our ears to his every whisper then we become so used to his way of deceiving us , he doesn't need to be around to lead us astray we become "conditioned" to sin.
But remember Allah is Most Powerful, Shaitan's hold on us may be great but Allah's Mercy and Might is much much greater. So, with His help we can liberate ourselves from the countless guilt trips and low and unworthy feelings that engulf us when we sin. 

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