Monday, May 13, 2013


Life often takes us by surprise. Nothing is for certain and nothing is worth being taken for granted. Yet, I find that the way I plough through life is clinging on to the certainties and taking things and people for granted. Thinking: they will always be there for me no matter what. In reality they won't , not if I am not willing to reciprocate their kindness and love and not if I never turn around and thank Allah for bringing them in my life.  Its so much easier to just self destruct. build walls around you and expect someone to knock them to find you. But the more you hide from life and its problems the more problematic your life becomes. 
Uncertainties turn to certainties but only if you choose to face them and deal with them . But sometimes in our quest to face everything and get all the answers we just focus on the future. The future looks bright, promising and full of hopes. There are gardens a comfortable home and you think yes my future is a certainty it is there for sure and that keeps you sane. But not for long, because the while holding on to those hopes you fail to see what is there in the present. The present is good in fact it has alot of  potential to be better but you think that all the present holds are problems and trails. Trails that seem larger then life itself and you sometimes end up questioning why you are in them? I mean would could Allah possibly see in you that made Him put you here . You thoughts envelop you and those negative thoughts trap you. Till you are effectively imprisoned  in a self made detention cell of your own doubts, fantasies and negative thoughts.
That is when you find yourself well and truly over whelmed and you just look for easy escapes from your problems. Those escapes may come in the shape of procrastination, over sleeping and anger. All you can think of is the future and you keep thinking cant we just cut to the ending? I wanna see when my life becomes all happy and I am where I want to be. You know its not going to happen you have to live through each day and face all that it brings your way.
 When life becomes this overwhelming its time to stop and breathe. (quite literally take a deep breathe till it fills your lungs and let go)  Its time to be practical and not emotional. Even though all you ever feel is a rush of emotions blinding you most of the time. Its best to try and look past them. Live each day as it comes. Live  each day one day at a time. That is how I feel one can get in touch with the present again. See the present for what it really is... well its your life. You have been given a certain amount of responsibilities and you can't expect some person to always be there to take up your responsibilities while you zone out and go about having emotional issues( sometimes non existent ones) . It doesn't mean that you forget about the future as Muslims sometimes the dreams of a better future in Jannah is what keeps us going. But look at how you can be better now , today , so that you can live to see a better tomorrow. 
Again, excessive planning will never get you anywhere fast you might end up overwhelmed . Overwhelmed by the past and the lack of direction regarding the future. Breathe again... and just calm down. Don't make excessive plans you cant hope to fulfill them . Any plans you make should be small and do able. Hey its like learning how to drive . You start out driving slow in the empty roads near your house till you are an expert driver cruising through busy city streets. Give yourself time have patience with this. Any plans you make just focusing on sticking to them for the next 24 hours . The next 24 hours if they come , then you will see what to do then for now its only about living in the now the present. Hopefully the slow pace will help you see things differently help you think more and review your actions more. 
Its all about getting back into the driver seat of your life, there will be bumps and stop signs and sharp turns but nobody said it was gonna be easy or ideal its just life and we have to learn to steer through it as best we can nobody can do it for us. 

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