Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here's to a new beginning...

Here's to a new beginning...
Here's to a new start .....
Here's to something worthwhile though I dont know exaclty where to start.
Here's to more adventures
Here's to more ups and downs.
Here's to better understanding me and what I am truly all about.
Here's is to more failure and even more success
Here's to understanding my situation and how Allah blessed me in a unique way
Here's to being more grateful for the path that has been tread so far
Here's to fewer regrets
I hope to make a promising start... to commit to words the human experience that is me. This isnt really meant to be shared but maybe one day I will decide to open up to the world but for now I decided not to. Because I am simply tired of just conceeding to everyone's point of view of what I need to be. I want to hone the one skill I cherish and I want to understand myself better. It would be safe to say that I have severed ties with myself for too too long and now I want in on my life Insha'Allah. The life that Allah gifted me the life that I dont know how long of which I have.... I am excited, nervous, afraid, happy, regretful but in time I hope to get some answers look for solutions and embrace life... rather then hiding in a corner while others try and assume control over my life! Or so it seems

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