Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Accepting the Circumstances

I remember, a dear friend once saying to me, "You were born in the wrong house!" After a lengthy discussion on the latest falling out I had had with my parents about some religion related issue. I remember being deeply upset and hurt by their demeanour but I somehow I summed up the courage to say, "No, I was born in the right house." To be able to say that and have the acceptance of where I was born and the sort of environment I was raised in Alhamdulillah is a realization I feel truly grateful for. 

Why? Because being human beings we have a conscious choice to make of whether we choose for the circumstances to make us strong and still manage to smile through the tears or whether we choose for the circumstances pull us down and make us pity ourselves to the point where we feel that our existence is nothing more then an insignificant speck on this earth which holds no meaning.

In many religious lectures the prime focus is the reminder that we were sent on this earth to worship Allah swt foremost, but I think that to be able to worship Allah with sincerity and devotion is to come to term with circumstances around us first. We have to constantly remind ourselves that being Muslim is a  lifestyle choice that comes with trails and test. Sometimes, Allah blesses us with ease and comfort and at other times He tests with trails and hardships. Naturally, the tests are emotionally exhausting but I think in the midst of tests we are caught up in feeling sad and anxious that we forget to remember that even in the darkest hour Allah swt never leaves us alone. We forget that despite so much being wrong there is so much that is still right and how it could have been even worse but Alhamdulillah it isn't.

I used to feel very upset at how things in my life were not the "ideal" circumstances and for the longest time I felt bitter about alot of things. And Alhamdulillah , now I have come to realize that living in the past is not the solution neither is feeling bitter. Circumstances are what shapes a human being. Allowing her to adapt, grow and ultimately fulfil her purpose as ordained by Allah swt. Should she make that her purpose of life too.

 The "ideal" circumstances exist in Jannah alone. That is where all Muslims want to be but to get there you, me all of us have to come to first terms with the circumstances and tell ourselves as much as we need to that Allah swt in His Infinite Wisdom put me here where I am now because He has a purpose for me to fulfill in these very circumstances and He knows here is where I can thrive and grow to the best of  my abilities , sure some other home seems like an ideal place to live but Allah knows and you and I know not. Then , it is upto us to try our hardest to struggle to worship him in the best manner possible and obey Him as much as we can. There will be many things that will seem difficult and others impossible.

 Be patient and make loads of dua for yourself and with time things will fall into place the way Allah meant them to be, at the appropriate time and you will know Insha'Allah. Feel special that you are Muslim and even though you may feel that the current circumstances of your life are like a thorny path, remember that with Allah's help you will survive and grow and so much so that the circumstances my appear like a bed of roses where the occasional thorn does not disrupt the peace and gratitude towards Allah that one experiences inside oneself.

Finally, look to the examples of all the beloved prophets of Allah , all of them were living in difficult circumstances but look at how they accepted the challenges in their lives and when people threatened and mocked their beliefs they sought help and solace from Allah swt. And look at what amazing characters the circumstances moulded them into. SubhanAllah!


  1. Assalaamu alaikum

    I too feel that I was born in the wrong household but then I remember all the things/experiences I have had have brought me to Islam and have made me who I am today alhamdulillah.

    Please don't feel sad and please remember that with hardship comes ease <3

    1. walikummusalam :)

      May Allah bless you and strengthen your eeman. Ameen
      Loads of Love